The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide for the Wellness-Devoted Moms

The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide for the Wellness-Devoted Moms

Mother's Day is the perfect occasion to show gratitude and love to the incredible mothers in our lives. For those special women who balance motherhood with being wellness enthusiasts, new moms, or busy professionals, finding the perfect gift that aligns with their lifestyle is key. At Rella Essentials, we believe in nurturing the spirit with soothing scents and harmonious ambiance. Our selected range for this Mother's Day is designed with relaxation and positivity in mind. Discover our guide and bring a sense of tranquility and well-being to her day.

Rella Essentials: The Originals 100g Soy Wax Candles
For the Mom Who Cherishes Serenity: The Minis

Our carefully curated Mini Candle Set offers a quartet of serene experiences with scents designed to uplift, calm, and inspire. Choose any four 100g mini candles from our special selections like No Bad Days, Love and Light, Soul Over Ego, Botanica, and Good Karma. Each candle promises to envelop her space in warmth and positivity, making them perfect companions for her moments of relaxation.

Build your minis here


For the Manifesting Mom: Manifestation Candles

Gift the power of intention with our Manifestation Candles. These uniquely crafted candles are more than just accessories; they're tools for inviting optimism, self-love, and creative energy into her daily rituals. The MOON CHILD and CREATIVE ENERGY with a sweet orange scent and SELF LOVE with a delicate strawberry aroma are specially priced at 10% off to make your gift even more special.

250ml Fresh: Olive Scented Room & Linen Spray
For the Mom Who Loves a Fresh Ambiance: Room Sprays

Transform her environment with our Room & Linen Sprays. Whether she's working from home or simply enjoying some downtime, a spritz of CALM, FRESH, or AWAKE can instantly refresh and uplift her space. These delightfully scented sprays are now available at a 15% discount, making them an irresistible addition to her wellness routine.

For the Mom in Need of a Wind Down: Unwind Candles

Sometimes, all a mom needs is to unwind, and what better way to help her do just that than with our Unwind Candles. With soothing scents like Cabernet, Amaretto, and Clementine Martini, these candles are her ticket to an evening soaked in relaxation and peace. Now 10% off, they're a thoughtful way to say you appreciate all that she does.


For Every Mom: The OG Candles

Our OG Candles are a timeless choice, featuring favorites such as Love and Light, No Bad Days, Good Karma, and Soul Over Ego. With a 10% discount, these candles are a testament to her strength, love, and endless positivity. Allow her to fill her space with comforting scents like lavender, coconut, vanilla, and more, creating an oasis of calm in her bustling life.



This Mother's Day, choose Rella Essentials to gift the extraordinary moms in your life something as special as they are. But hurry, these perfectly crafted wellness companions are available until Saturday only. Show her your appreciation with a gift that enhances her moments of self-care and relaxation. Give her the gift of Rella Essentials, and watch her world light up with joy and serenity.

Explore our collection and find the perfect Mother's Day gift now.

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