Self-Care Rituals & Sacred Spaces: Tabitha Jamlang, Yogi,  aka Her Awakening

Self-Care Rituals & Sacred Spaces: Tabitha Jamlang, Yogi, aka Her Awakening

My name is Tabitha Jamlang, and I'm a wife, Yogi, dog mama, who loves to create soul connections through gatherings, retreats, classes, and one-on-one sessions. I love sharing the gift of Yoga through movement and meditation, and injecting its concepts and philosophy along the way.
This April, I'll be sharing space with individuals who are curious about Yoga Philosophy through this gathering called, "Sunday Circle". It's something I'm truly excited about. 
I started my handle @herawakening in 2016, which I suppose has completely evolved over the years. 
Her Awakening began as this online journal through Instagram, documenting my personal reflections on life, our connection with the Universe, listening to our intuition,  and following our inner guidance. 
It was a way for me to share my spiritual journey and awakening, which has led to a beautiful community of individuals who are on the same path of learning, unlearning, deconditioning, and ultimately, unearthing their true selves. 
Today, Her Awakening has shifted its focus from a personal journey, to the collective awakening of the Divine Feminine through flowing, feeling, healing, breathing, and Being. I'm currently working on my Soul Offerings to help others (and myself) tap into our Feminine Energy. 
How long have you been practicing your craft?
I've been practicing Yoga Asana since 2015, and have been teaching since 2018. Yoga for me has always been more than just a physical practice, so I love including Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep), mantras, and meditation. I've also been diving into energy healing for about 2 years now, allowing Reiki to flow through me for myself and for others. 
Thanks to energy healing, I've become more in tune with my Highest Self, and really been trusting the messages that come from my Spirit Guides, Ancestors, Angels, and Teachers - which I apply to pretty much everything I do. 
It's all just been a beautiful integration. Each practice feeds off the other, and it's great to see how they all fall into place for me as a teacher and a student. 
What’s your daily self-care ritual like?
I didn't think it would be possible, but I'm a morning person now, waking up at 6am everyday. I try to wake up before my husband and the dogs, so that I have some quiet time for myself. I love slow mornings, so I allocate about 2 hours just for me. 
I make myself a cup of cacao, and just sit by the window as I watch the sun rise and listen to the birds play in this big tree across our place. When I'm done with my cup, I light an incense stick outside the window, and cleanse myself with Palo Santo (this has been so huge for me in terms of clearing my energy as I start my day). 
Then I meditate. I have been loving Mantra Meditation lately, so I use my mala beads for that. Chanting AUM 108 times, and then sitting still for a few moments, feeling the mantra's vibration run through my body,  and noticing how it shifts my energy.  
I  then write whatever comes up for me in my meditation, whether it's a vision, a message, a feeling. 
Movement has always been a part of my day, so I make sure to either do my asanas, shake, dance, untangle - whether it's in the morning, the middle of the afternoon, or even at night before going to bed. 
It's funny, but it seems like my entire day can be a self-care ritual (haha), which I think is great. I think it's important to bring mindfulness in everything we do, and I'm grateful for the privilege to be able to do these things on a daily basis.
What products/items have you been using for your daily rituals?
I love the smell of my incense sticks from We Found a Place - it reminds me of India, and I like having that burn while I meditate. I use Palo Santo and Sage to clear my space and energy before teaching. Lighting scented candles at night (like your Good Karma, which a student of mine gifted last Christmas) has been a beautiful ritual to end the day, creating a sense of peace and calm. And I use my personal roll-on Grounding Blend, before sleeping to just let the energy settle. 
What’s your sacred space like?
It's in different areas of our home. It's the big window where I stare at the sun rising while I sip my cacao, it's our Reiki room (where it's the quietest) for meditation, and a space we like to call the Zen Den, where my husband and I share space to practice Yoga.
 What do you do to calm yourself on a stressful day?
I take deep breaths, and remove myself from the busyness of the world. Sometimes I isolate, put my gadgets in another room, and just sit in silence with my eyes closed. For me, stress comes from too much energy moving around, too much stimulation - too much of everything. So i like to detach myself from all that, and just be in a space of stillness, even for just a few minutes.
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