Self-Care Rituals & Sacred Spaces: Meenakshi Mahtani, a mom, yoga & breath work instructor

Self-Care Rituals & Sacred Spaces: Meenakshi Mahtani, a mom, yoga & breath work instructor

My name is Meena and I’m a yoga, meditation and breath work instructor. I am also a mom to a beautiful lil baby, River. The wonder radiating from her eyes is a constant reminder for me to always be fully present.

How long have you been practicing your craft?
I’ve been practicing yoga for four years now but only started teaching it two years ago. Meditation and breath work have been an ally for me especially during the beginning of the pandemic. I know that my body is more resilient when I’m relaxed, and when I’m relaxed, my daughter is also relaxed.


What is your daily self-care ritual like?
I really value my morning time. It helps to ground and clear my mind and energy for the day. My favorite ritual ever is sitting in silence every morning with the medicine of cacao. This has been such a fun and beautiful way to infuse more meaning and life into my drink and my body. Setting an intention with cacao allows me to not only sip in the delicious taste of chocolate, but also allows me to swallow gratitude, swallow a dream, or a prayer. It’s such a beautiful practice.

I also like to spend a lot of time in nature and walk barefoot on the earth. I like to take time offline, and turn off my phone. I sing, I dance, I journal. I also like meditating in the morning while touching different parts of my body, really feeling into what’s going on inside of me and reconnecting with inner self. Rituals don’t have to be fancy. You can actually turn everything into a ritual. I find that when you do things with intention and presence, allowing yourself to flow, even the day to day tasks become a form of active mediation


 What products or items have you been using for your daily rituals?

I love candles and incense sticks and sage and palo santo. These items are also very sacred and powerful. Setting an intention when you light these sacred tools make it so much more than just an aromatherapy experience. Even just a simple prayer of thanks makes all the difference. Gratitude is so powerful. I think gratitude can transform anything.


What is your sacred space like?

Very simple. I meditate on my balcony every morning. The sound of the birds and the smell of my incense and essential oils helps to enhance and support me in whatever practice I’m doing at the time. Wether it be yoga, meditation or even when I’m just journaling.


What do you do to calm yourself on a stressful day?

Go for a swim in the ocean or play with my baby. The salt water and my baby’s laughter is my greatest medicine :)



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