Self-Care Rituals & Sacred Spaces: Kit de Silva, yoga teacher, media designer and entrepreneur

Self-Care Rituals & Sacred Spaces: Kit de Silva, yoga teacher, media designer and entrepreneur

Hi, Im Kit de Silva. Im a media designer/colorist, entrepreneur, yoga teacher and a finance underwriter. I was once based in Manila, working as a freelance artist for different production houses and brands. It was only in 2018 when I decided to come back to my home province, Bataan, to build and grow Luces Living. Luces Living is an expansive holistic hub that houses an eco-shop featuring local and sustainable Filipino brands, a plant-based cafe and some mixed-used spaces often used for wellness classes and craft workshops. 



The idea and the name "Luces" came to me in 2014 when I met a Venezuelan nun in one of our charity events. I mentioned to her that my middle name is Fredeluces to which she replied, "You know luces in Spanish means light? It's because you carry light within you." .. and that's basically where the conceptualization of Luces was anchored to.

We opened our doors last September 2020 in high hopes that we get to grow a community of mindful people who care for the environment as much as we do and those who are willing to make better choices for themselves and the world they live in.



 How long have you been practicing your craft?

I've been in the media production industry for about 10 years now. It's a career that Im very passionate about and worked very hard for. I was able to share and celebrate my creativity alongside many talented people in the industry, and honed some skills that I will forever take with me. However, my end goal was to really return to Bataan, reacquaint myself with my life here and finally take some roots.

I started my yoga practice in 2013 and decided to take my teacher training in 2017 in Canggu (Bali, Indonesia). Since then, I've been holding spaces for people and am truly grateful to be given an opportunity to  introduce yoga and grow a community here in Bataan through Luces Living. 



What's your daily self-care ritual like?

My days usually start and end with some mindful minutes with myself. Most of my days are long and eventful, and some things can go beyond my control so I make sure to condition myself in the morning by tuning in, breathing fully and connecting with my inner self. If Im not teaching, I do my morning practice for at least 60mins a day. Savor a filling breakfast and a good cup of coffee, then proceed with my tasks for the day.

I make sure to get enough sun and nature throughout the day, which Im grateful to live in a place that allows me to. I nurture myself with enough greens and hydrate as much as I can.

I also try to set boundaries with work by limiting my screen time and not entertaining work calls/messages later than 7pm, unless urgent. I write down my to-do list for the next day at night, make time to read a book at least 20mins before bedtime and meditate for 10mins or less.



What products/items have you been using for your daily rituals?

Whenever I feel like I need a reset or a quick cleanse, I smudge a sage or a palo santo around my space. I always carry a carnelian, tree agate and a black onyx stone with me to help me feel grounded and supported. 

On personal care, I prioritize skincare over make up and I make sure to use products that are paraben-free and all natural. On a daily, I only use Wildleaf's Vit. C serum and hibiscus cream, Bloom & Topiary's body oil, and aloe sunscreen, and do a Gua sha massage using white jade at night.


What's your sacred space like?

For me, a sacred space is a feeling or an energy you carry within you and bring with you wherever you go. It's a mental state that you can always tap into, just like how meditation takes you into a particular place of peace and calmness. 


What do you do to calm yourself on a stressful day?

I am a heavy meditator so when things get overwhelming, I always turn into meditation as my safe ground. I take full, deep, long, steady breaths and sit on my emotions to avoid making hasty decisions. As an introvert and an empath, I take my alone time as an opportunity to regain strength and find alignment. 


Follow Kit on Instagram @desilvakit and Luces Living @luceslivingph


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