Self-Care Rituals & Sacred Spaces: Dhyana Mitta, yogi and a Cebuana rapper

Self-Care Rituals & Sacred Spaces: Dhyana Mitta, yogi and a Cebuana rapper


My name is Faith or better yet known as Dhyana Mitta. My long time friends and family members call me Faith while others who know me through rap and yoga call me Dhyana or Mitta. I am the Universe experiencing a life full of surprises, transformation and adventure! Currently, I am studying in the college of law in pursuit of my legal calling, while making music on the side to express my passion, artistry, experiences and culture


How long have you been practicing your craft?

I have always been an artist ever since I was a child. I would experiment with mediums including musical instruments in exploration of my creative capacity. I also discovered dancing, singing, rapping, and rhythm at a young age and it’s probably what lead me to loving what I do today! But it was only until 2019 when I fully decided to release my art for all the world to see.


What’s your daily self-care ritual like?

My daily self-care ritual has to be yoga. My day is never complete if I don’t get on my mat. Yoga has helped me stabilize my mind and body altogether while maintaining myself at calm and in peace!


What products/items have you been using for your daily rituals?

My Zen Active (@zenactiveph) Mat has been my best friend accompanying me daily through my yoga practice. Before I go to bed, I smudge my room with sage, ring my singing bowl, do my manifestation journaling, meditate and reflect on my virtues then I light up my room with my Rella Essential candles in Love & Light and Rich Bitch! Pomegranate, rose, and jasmine are my absolute favourite scents and I was so excited to know when Rella had it all!


What’s your sacred space like?

In my sacred space, my Bodhisattva statue is present including my offerings to the Blessed One, my singing bowl, my candle and my money plant pot (gifted by my bestie Shayne Lopez) are also in the space before me. My herbs are inside the drawer underneath them including some other bowls and candles I’d like to keep safe.




What do you do to calm yourself on a stressful day?

I meditate to calm myself on a stressful day. The practice of meditation has helped me become more aware and conscious of my thoughts, words, efforts and actions. Meditation has also helped me cleanse my mind especially when I grasp, crave and or cling to earthly temporary pleasures. Apart from the practice, I also allow myself to be in the space of my loved ones—both family and friends—to remind me and teach me why this life must always be celebrated!


You can follow Dhyana Mitta on Instagram @dhyanamitta
Follow her spiritual journey through yoga on Instagram @yoga_and_dmt

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