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This special bundle is made as a token of love and care, use this to care of oneself by boosting one's fertility and support for the natural menstrual cycle


Bundle includes:

(1) 15g Moon Cycle PMS Tea

(1) Time of the month support: CYCLE Essential Oil Wellness Blend



MOON CYCLE PMS TEA 15g in Kraft pouch

A special blend of herbs to promote health and balance hormones. 

Helps with the cramps, inflammation, headache, anxiety, and the typical symptoms associated with your cycle.
Works wonders on your digestive health too, and soothes an upset tummy. 

PRO TIP: Drink 2-3 cups before your cycle starts to prevent menstrual cramps


Red Raspberry Leaf   

Rich in nutrients and antioxidants, may offer health and nutrition benefits and help relieve premenstrual symptoms. Known to help strengthen the uterus, by reduce cramping during your monthly cycle to decrease. 


Serves as an herbal alternative supporting healthful function of the kidneys, liver, digestive tract, and overall metabolism. As a tonic for the urinary tract and adrenals, nettle is used to soothe all sorts of woes such as chronic UTIs, water retention, and stress, to enhance the nutritive properties and quantity of breast milk in a nursing mother.


Known to have a calming effect, an amazing immune system booster and stress reducer. It has been known to soothe anxious feelings, and to overall elevate the mood.

Preparation: Use 1 level teaspoon per 6-8 oz. water. Heat water to boiling. Place into strainer & steep for 5-10 minutes, if the tea is brewed for too long it may become bitter.

Add to the benefits by sweetening with a little raw local honey and a lemon slice.



Made with jojoba oil, sunflower oil (carrier oil), and 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils: CYPRESS, LAVENDER, CLARY SAGE, CHAMOMILE, PEPPERMINT

How to Use - Apply and massage onto temples, neck, wrists, affected areas, and bottoms of the feet before bed



Please check with your Healthcare or Holistic Practitioner about the benefits of herbal products.

If you are pregnant, please consult with your health care
practitioner before taking any herbal product.